FARM DIRECT specializes in selling to retail florists and event planners our outstanding catalog of Ecuadorian roses. Our main purpose it to get you the finest and freshest roses right at your door. We ship them directly from our farms in Ecuador, that allow us to have a strict  and permanent control of every process that help us to ensure that you are only getting the best.

FARM DIRECT specializes in selling to retail florists and event planners our award-winning catalog of Ecuadorian roses. Our commitment to quality, excellence, and high customer service standards have placed us at the forefront of the floral industry.

Our work begins high in the Andes mountains in the region of Cotopaxi, Ecuador. On farms blessed with rich soils, consistent temperatures, abundant sunlight, and pure mountain water where we grow the finest roses in the world. With more than 60 hectares of production capacity under technically advanced greenhouses, we produce what today is considered the best roses in the world. Our product line includes more than 150+ standard rose varieties, 32 spray roses complemented by superior white calla lilies & our variety of flowers and fillers.


Farm Direct prides itself on producing and selling the best roses in the market under strict and permanent control on every process. If handled under proper conditions we guaranteed our Roses will have a minimum vase life of 7 days.



We have been recognized with quality awards in flower shows in New York, Amsterdam, and Quito.

In 1997 we were awarded the German Flower Label program.

Since 2004 we became part of BASC (Business Anti Smuggling Coalition), guaranteeing the secure shipment of our products throughout the world.