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Our Fresh Roses and Lilies 

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Who Is Farm Direct?

Farm Direct is a flower production, farming, and delivery service with over 20 years of experience in growing and marketing flowers. We own, manage, and operate over 200 acres of flower farms in Ecuador, South America. Our flower farms are in the heart of the Ecuadorian highlands, the perfect growing conditions for the highest quality fresh flowers in the world. We have created a strong relationship between our Ecuadorian farms and our customers, and offer farm-to-door flower delivery services in the USA directly to our retail customers. 

We have a commitment to quality products, exceptional customer service, and highly streamlined logistics that guarantee freshness. Whether you need fresh flower delivery directly to your store or to one of our drop shippers, we can ensure you get the highest quality flowers each time you use our flower delivery services.  


Who Uses Our Flower & Rose Delivery Services?

Our farm-fresh flower delivery services are used by floral shops, retail stores, wholesalers, event and wedding planners, and more across the United States. 

Where We Deliver Flowers in the USA

We offer farm-to-door flower delivery services in any zip code in the USA. We can deliver flowers direct from farms to your retail location, or drop ship to any third party warehouse or distributor that you use.  


Our Ecuadorian Flower Farms

Our Ecuadorian flower farms are world-renowned for growing the most extraordinary flowers. From roses to lilies, there are no flowers fresher, more beautiful, or of higher quality. We operate over 200 acres of flower farms in the Ecuadorian highlands. Because Ecuador is located on the Equator, it gets more hours of sunlight every day than any other region on earth. This means our flower farmers can cultivate flower crops year-round. 

Our farms are located in the finest growing regions and offer a wide range of varieties of roses and lilies. We have the manpower, logistics, and experience needed to serve the worldwide floral industry, streamline your flower services, and deliver extraordinary roses and lilies from the farms of Ecuador straight to your door.   

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Why Choose Farm Direct for Farm-to-Door Flower Delivery

At Farm Direct, we have strict quality control, grading, and post-harvest procedures to guarantee the highest quality products each and every time. We pride ourselves on our growing environment, the way we treat our flower farmers, and the way we handle logistics and distribution services from farm to store. We believe that the existing marketing and distribution model for freshly cut flowers is clunky, outdated, and sluggish. 

Our goal is to expand and improve on that model, allowing us to deliver fresher flowers faster. While our competitors deliver flowers that don’t last long enough, we eliminate many of the snags and delays in fresh flower delivery systems to create the optimal model of efficiency. Our mission is to help our retailers teach American consumers to care for flowers and become experts in fresh flower care. We will give you the tools and resources to empower your customers in flower care so that their fresh flowers last longer and have more value. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn More About Our Fresh Flower Services 

Let our team at Farm Direct help you increase your fresh flower sales in the USA by offering you a solution for farm-to-door fresh flower delivery. We will ensure you receive the freshest and highest quality products possible directly from our farms. We will also give you the educational information you need to teach your customers how to properly care for their fresh cut flowers so that they last longer.

Call us today or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation to discuss our farm-fresh flower delivery services.  

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Hannah Schmitt

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